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Erick Jhon


Erick Jhon (born Erick Jhon Peguero Ramirez on September 28 1996) is an American-Dominican singer- songwriter from New York City as well as a Youtuber, host, actor, and lead vocalist of the Latin band Odysea. Erick Jhon predominantly sings in Spanish in Odysea and his English for solo projects.


Odysea released their first EP in November 2019 which included the songs “Loco de Amor(Crazy in Love)”, El Desierto”, Y “Enamorado de tu Adios”. The band has had several private event shows and has performed on several occasions at Lehman College. They were in the New York Emmy Award-winning “OPEN” on the Bronxnet networking promoting “First Pitch”. Erick Jhon will be releasing “Bad Guy” a single from his upcoming first solo studio album. Odysea’s First full-length album is expected to follow.

Erick Jhon has hosted a number of events at Lehman College and ventured into a Youtube channel (Erick Jhon’s World), which has over 4.5k subscribers, where he does reviews, challenges, vlogs, how-to videos and much more.

Erick Jhon is an Independent Artist


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