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Erick Jhon


Erick Jhon born “Erick Jhon Peguero Ramirez” is a singer, songwriter, actor, Tv host and digital creator from New York City that was born to be in the spotlight. Influenced by his Latin roots and his New York upbringing Erick Jhon delivers music that fans all over the world can connect to. He has released singles such as “Bad Guy” and “Flex”, which were followed by the EP “Adventures in the Land of the Yerrr”. The artist released singles, “Deep Waters”, and “Energy” serve as just a taste inside of the mind of Erick Jhon debut album “Therap-E” From Erick’s mind, to pen and paper, and eventually into the studio, and your audio system, the debut album provides a plethora of emotions, from anguish to optimism to joy with songs for any occasion. His debut album is brimming with smooth rhythm and musicality, not to mention heart and a whole lot of soul. His very versatile style has even been shown in his Spanish track “Que Lo Que , Que Lo Wa” showcasing once again how important his Latin roots are. Run through Erick Jhon’s playlist and you’ll fall into a swirling mash of R&B, dance, pop, hip-hop, and current trap sounds. And music is not just where he stops, Erick Jhon has acted in several short films and have had roles in tv shows and movies. He is also the producer and host of Erick Jhon’s World, a YouTube channel turning into a Variety/Talk show.

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Erick Jhon is an Independent Artist


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